That every person, family and  community living in poverty is capable of developing their human, material and spiritual potential with dignity.




Our proven and successful development model has achieved evident improvements in the communities of Chiapas, Oaxaca y Guerrero. Is a reference and is replicated by other organizations




Individuals dignity

They are the set of fundamental rights and values, inherent to each person by the simple fact of being human.


It is the inherent will of all people to seek the common good in consideration of the bonds of brotherhood that exist in a human society.


Urges the authority to act, as promoter of personal and social development, in those cases in which individuals or groups can not perform by themselves in consideration of their particular circumstances.


As social beings, all people are called and required to engage in processes that promote growth and improvement of living conditions in our groups and countries.

The Common Good

Invites all members of society, according to their abilities and talents, to work together for the integral development of each person.

Universal destination of goods

Entails that all people have the same right to enjoy each of the things that exist in nature, on our planet and at home.






Is the capacity of choice and action that each one has thanks to the exercise of reason and will.


Means a congruence between thinking and acting in the exercise of virtues, beneficial to oneself and to others.


Is the exercise of moral principles and to give to each one what they deserve according to his or her rights.


Is the harmony, balance and stability between the different members of a community or social group.


Is love of the one's fellow. As such, is the basis of all society and allows the development of other values nd principles, like the common good and justice.