Rosana, Beatriz and Sureima are three young people from the community of Santo Domingo Armenta, Oaxaca . "I knew nothing, not even how to use the computer and I was scared," says Beatriz laughting and showing shame at the same time, "now I'm in high school and I want to keep on." Rosana and Sureima are of the same mind: they want to continue studying to progress.

Despite the difficult conditions in which the residents of Santo Domingo Armenta have faced, Rosana, Beatriz and Sureima have the good fortune that their neighbors have been able to organize themselves, work as a team and, among other achievements, have set up a Community Center of Learning Fonabec (CODAF): a space for learning and to regularize studies in Santo Domingo Armenta, Oaxaca.

We started CODAF and the Internet café with the intention on the community giving its young people the opportunity to study and prosper, overcoming difficult economic barriers. "I wanted to study a degree, but there was no money. Now, if I can contribute something to the kids who have aspirations, let's help them ", comments a member of Grupo Escandalo.

Rosana, Sureima and Beatriz are three of the eight students who study there at CODAF. The goal is to increase the number year by year. For now, they have been able to discover the fun of studying and combine it with their own history and reality.

The sum of their enthusiasm and interest, plus the support of a strengthened and united community, will surely result in three young women with all the necessary elements to be part of tomorrow's leaders.