In indigenous communities in Los Altos de Chiapas, the lack of electricity, potable water and drainage, health services and even access from major transportation routes are not the only problems communities face. There is strong discrimination against women who, often subjected to the will of their husbands, lack the voice and capacity to seek better living conditions.

This was the reality in which Alicia Hernández, a craftswoman from a place located in the municipality of San Andrés Larraínzar, Chiapas, grew up . Her story, however, took a different course when she joined the handicraft development program, finding a space for ongoing training and advice to better organize as artisans and as a group as well as accessing new channels for the sale of their handicrafts at fairer prices.

Her professional growth, coupled with her participation in workshops to improve her self-esteem and promote gender equality, has allowed her to improve her income and become a change agent for other women in her community.