Rosa is a Tzotzil artisan from Chenalhó, Chiapas. As a child, she enjoyed nature, cut flowers, get out to the fields, help her family prepare food, and see women artisans in their community making beautiful textiles. It was until her brothers married, however, that she learned to weave thanks to her sisters-in-law.

During the sociopolitical conflicts of the 1990s, Rosa had to go with her family to a refugee camp. From a difficult situation, a chance to grow was born: in the camp, Rosa had the opportunity to live with other artisan women and improve her embroidery and weaving technique, and at the same time to join a cooperative.

While she was happy with her job, she did not feel the ability to go out to sell elsewhere and improve. That's where the support of Fundación León XIII came in. "The Fundación helped us to form the cooperative (of artisans) and supported introducing us to new spaces to sell, to market," explains Rosa.