Community ventures allow members of the Savings Groups to generate a steady source of income. From the ideas, resources and capacities of the members of the groups, Fundación León XIII supports the incubation and formation of small enterprises.



For example: Dulzura Magdalena is an entrepreneurship of production and commercialization of chocolate. This group is made up of six women from the Solidarity Group of Magdalena Piñas, Oaxaca, who carry out the entire production and marketing process.

At Fundación León XIII we know that a decent job develops skills and talents, in addition to provide a source of income. At the same time, a decent work boosts the self-esteem.


According to their traditions, capacities and interests, we work hand in hand with each community to initiate group entrepreneurships that allow them to develop their talents, exploit their capacities and increase capital and economic group competitiveness.


The production of honey, chocolate, jams, bakeries, artisan development and greenhouses, are just a few examples of the 48 entrepreneurships we are currently supporting in communities of Los Altos de Chiapas and the coast of Oaxaca.



How does it work? Once a group has chosen an activity, the money to start the venture comes from two sources: from the donations we receive as a Foundation and from the Savings Group. We support the entrepreneurs working together on their business plan and providing the necessary training to ensure its growth.


Fundación León XIII launched "Kitzin" to help the entrepreneurs market their products. Kitzin is a permanent space to exhibit and sell the products manufactured by the community entrepreneurships. In addition to the shop at Calle de Madrid #55 in Coyoacán, Mexico City, we permanently participate in bazaars and business fairs.