They form solidarity groups among members and strengthen family finances.

How to foster fraternity, trust and unity within a community? We decided to follow a Micro-credit saving fund model .

On the one hand, they respond to the lack of financial services in marginalized areas: they offer loans to those who need them and reward individual savings with interest. On the other, it is an opportunity to form bonds between partners by creating a space for group reflection and human education.

By 2017, we were already working together with more than 209 communities in Oaxaca, Guerrero and Los Altos de Chiapas with Micro-credit saving funds. By encouraging interpersonal togetherness and the exercise of trust in others more than 12,550 members saved more than 41 million pesos during the year.

To promote the success of Micro-credit saving funds in the communities, we invite the committee of each Fund, as well as its partners, to take an active part in all savings sessions. In addition, we also provide training workshops to develop and strengthen their management and accounting skills.

Usually, savings and loans start in January and in December cash closures are made, so each partner receives a different amount, according to their savings during the year.