We offer opportunities for introspection and training to promote the strengthening of the people and their communities.


Economic and social circumstances have an impact on self-esteem and the way people perceive themselves. Having the individual at the center of our actions, we want to promote means so that they can recognize and exercise their dignity and forge a better tomorrow.

In order to promote the integral growth of all the people with whom we work, humanistic training is embedded in our programs through diverse opportunities of introspection and education. 

In partnership with the INEA (National Institute for Adults) we form learning groups that allow participants to continue their studies of elementary and secondary school through the Education Model for Life program. In 2017, more than 690 people participated in this program.

In San Pedro Amuzgos, Oaxaca, in alliance with FONABEC we offer remote highschool studies. The first generation graduated in 2016.